We spent five (5) days working on the layup of the new Lumidos Car. During the first day at Composite Approach we accomplished many things.

First, we needed to buff the molds, so we could then add the mold release. We spent hours buffing the car, so the mold release would do its job. On day two (2) we started to cut the Nomex Honeycomb. Nomex Honeycomb gives the car stability and support in between the layers of carbon fiber. Our next activity on our agenda was cutting the glue sheets. The glue sheets went in between the layers of carbon fiber and Nomex Honeycomb. On day three (3) we finished laying down the first layer of carbon fiber and the honeycomb core and we started to lay the second layer of carbon fiber. During the fourth (4th) day we began to use a special vacuum to prep the molds for the oven. On the fifth (5th) and final day a small group of us went to finish the canopy of the car.

We are all very thankful for the help from Composite Approach. Without Composite Approach we would not have the opportunity to get our car done before the race.


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