Breakfast Wow!! We all went to a small coffee shop right on main street and enjoyed some great Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee and Tea. We are charged and ready to go off and tour SolarWorld.



Wow what a facility. We got to see how they made 60 cells into one module. It was an amazing automated process. There was so much to learn, 42 years of knowledge and trials to take in. I can’t believe that we have these same manufactured cells on our current car. It will be awesome to see them on our next car Lumidos.


What an amazing experience. Arcimoto is an amazing business. We all got the privilege to ride in one of their vehicles. Also, we got a deep briefing on how the inner-mechanics work in their vehicles. Very complex and amazing machines. We can’t be more amazed at these very inspirational and amazing people who are working hard on what they love.
Tour Day

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