Last week we went on the very first multi-day trip I, Sam, planned as President of the team. We left Bend on Wednesday after school and drove to Hillsboro. (Thanks to Thomas Stueve for making us not have to walk, among the other infinite things you do for us. You are very appreciated by the entire team.) We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s Ellie Beth Rickett and Giles Rickett’s house in Hillsboro. We then got up way early the next morning and went to SolarWorld USA’s factory after a bite to eat at Insomnia Coffee Company. This is literally the most amazing facility. As a person who is a huge solar fan, seeing where the quality solar cells are made is mind blowing and practically made me feel as if I was dreaming. I can’t wait to partner with you if all goes well in the next month or so. We then drove to Eugene to see a great EV company called Arcimoto which makes awesome commuter EV’s. I can tell that they truly have quite the future ahead of them. This tour was organized by Peder Norby, an awesome ambassador for alternative energy who may have let me get behind the wheel of his brand new BMW i8. Gaaaaghhhh! I still haven’t gotten over the feel of driving that car. But wait, there’s more. We then checked out World of Speed USA in Wilsonville, a beautiful race car museum that we may have been talking with to organize a thing with them, or much more… shh, don’t tell anyone. I’m not allowed to say yet. Finally, we took off for Bend again and arrived at about 10:00 PM. This was honestly one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much to the people who came with me on the trip. You truly are my best friends and you all are great fun to work with and joke with. Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

The After Shock

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